Landing Page, Tripadvisor cruise


For this project I collaborated with product and my internal design team to solve a user challenge across our three business units (flights, cruises and rental cars). The challenge was whether or not we should update our business unit cover pages or remove them entirely and land our users on a search results page. We knew a geo-scoped homepage would rank higher than the search results page for search engine optimization(SEO), but it would be extremely beneficial to our users in their planning phase of a trip. It would also provide more advertising and sales products to buy for our business units which would generate more revenue for our sales teams, therefore adding the landing page would be considered an overall win.

This was a very challenging project with numerous stakeholders involved from marketing, product, sales and engineering. We also had to share our design concepts with the broader UX team at Tripadvisor to get their blessing and approval for the updates in patterns we were proposing for the landing pages. After incorporating multiple rounds of feedback on the desktop breakpoint, the designs were approved and executed across all of the responsive breakpoints. The product managers slice tested the new designs against the older landing page and it was a win across all metrics. It is still live today, and you can view it here